Mr. Eric Stevenson

Who I am and what I do:
Eric Stevenson, Physical Education Teacher

Why I work here:
I have a passion for working with kids and sharing my knowledge of sports, games, and physical activities. I believe that I can show St. Agnes students that physical activity can be fun and beneficial to their physical, social, and emotional health.

What I do when I’m not at school:
Spend time with my wife, son, and dog Chewie, play rec. sports, ski, bike, lift weights, and watch sports.

Other things I love:
I love traveling, hanging out with friends/family, the Buffalo Bills, listening to music, cooking/BBQing, reading, etc.

Education Bio:
Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Education (Brockport 17’)
Master’s of Science in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (Emporia State 20’)