An Education with Heart and Soul

For over 140 years, St. Agnes School has stood for excellence, nurturing Catholic values of excellence, care, and social justice, that have influenced children throughout their lives and turned them into leaders. Children learn from their experiences even as they imitate their role models.  At St. Agnes School, your children will be surrounded by a group of peers dedicated to academic and moral excellence, where older students mentor younger students, and people encourage one another with acts of kindness and love.  Today, we are happy to share the responsibility and joy of preparing your children for a life of leadership and positive influence.

St. Agnes School enjoys the support of our local sending parishes.  We have drawn students from many local parishes, including:
St. Agnes Church, Avon
St. Bridget’s Church, Bloomfield
St. Catherine’s Church, Mendon
St. Columba’s Church, Caledonia
St. Joseph’s Church, Rush
St. Matthew Church, Livonia
St. Mary’s Church, Geneseo
Good Shepherd Church, Henrietta
St. Patrick’s Church, Mount Morris
St. Rose’s Church, Lima
Church of the Transfiguration, Pittsford

Why Choose A Catholic School?

We give you more.  More care.  More control.  
More tools to ensure your child’s ongoing success.
At its heart, St. Agnes School is a partnership between our teachers and parents–a positive relationship that ensures every child here receives an outstanding education tailored to their unique needs.  Gifted students are challenged.  Struggling students are nurtured.  Average students are encouraged to go beyond their imagined potential, becoming more than they ever thought possible.  And at every step, our experienced staff works to give your child confidence and care, reinforcing the important lessons you’re teaching at home.
Why?  Because at St. Agnes School, we are more than numbers or test scores.  We are a family.
And in this family, everyone wins.

The long-term effects of Catholic education are clear:
  • Catholic school students are more academically successful.  99% of all Catholic School Students graduate from High School compared to 73% of public school students.
  • 85% of all Catholic High School graduates attend a 4-year college versus 44% of graduates from public schools.
Stats published in 2010 by NCEA.
Come see our school for yourself.  For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact our school office at (585) 226-8500 or email us at
To register your children at St. Agnes School or to review our Brochures, Registration Forms, and other information, please visit our Forms & Document Directory page for all of our downloadable content.