A Note From Our Principal

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the St. Agnes School website and taking the time to learn more about us! St. Agnes students excel in both school and life, and I am proud of the many ways they make this world a better place.  We believe in helping children grow into people of conscience and kindness, what we like to refer to as education with heart and soul.  How exciting it is that you are considering the school for your student’s educational needs. On behalf of the faculty and staff, I want you to know that we believe it is truly a privilege to be a part of each student’s learning here at St. Agnes.  As you come to know the school, you will discover that St. Agnes has many attributes which set it apart.

First, it is more than just a place to learn; it is a community, a home away from home.  It truly takes a village. You will experience this the moment you arrive. At the core of our community are faculty and staff that value childhood as sacred.  In addition, serving others is woven into every single thing we do. This is modeled by our entire community.  Our parent volunteers,  Student Advisory Committee, Alumni Foundation, Parish Office, and PTO showcase the collaborative effort it takes to support one another to foster a child’s love for learning and help them thrive.

Second, students in PreK3 and 4, and Kindergarten through sixth grade are formed in their faith, have the opportunity to excel academically, and learn the importance of social responsibility. Central to the school’s core mission is the provision of learning experiences centered around Christ that empower students to become engaged in and enthusiastic about their learning. Our graduates are recognized for their service, leadership, and participation in respective high schools. We pride ourselves in providing more than the Common Core..we provide a challenging curriculum that strengthens social emotional skills and stimulates students to question, evaluate, discover and create. Students encounter a broad variety of learning experiences that blend the traditional and the innovative. These experiences foster every student's ability to shape the world through their ideas and vision.   Every full-day St. Agnes School student–from Pre-Kindergarten to Sixth grade–receive an hour lunch/recess break in the middle of the day to refresh both mind and body! Special classes, such as Art, Music, and Physical Education, encourage students to strengthen their talents while religious education helps students of all faiths to grow in Catholic values of love, kindness, and social justice.

Third, we value all learners as unique individuals who learn and grow at their own pace. We believe that education is a journey, not a race! Using various data points as a guide, we offer both personalized learning and reinforcement with essential concepts providing additional support beyond the classroom setting. Your child will feel supported and as a result, they will have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.  Our hope at St. Agnes is to equip our graduates to become successful individuals and leaders in our local community and beyond.

For more than 140 years, St. Agnes School in Avon, NY, has been nurturing, demanding, and empowering–everything education should be. We look forward to the chance to welcome you into our family. Call and schedule a visit today.

Many Blessings,
 Mrs. Dowd