A Note From Our Principal

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Dear Friend,
For more than 140 years, St. Agnes School in Avon, NY, has been nurturing, demanding, and empowering–everything education should be.  For us, success is about more than high grades and test scores.  It is about the certainty that our students are growing into people of conscience and kindness.  St. Agnes students excel in both school and life, and I am proud of the many ways they make this world a better place.

Education is a journey–not a race.  At St. Agnes School, we do more than Common Core.  Our experienced teachers combine data-based instruction with old-fashioned know-how for an education that works.  Your child will receive a strong foundation in language arts, sciences, and math, while developing the study skills that make our graduates successful in challenging middle and high schools throughout our region.

St. Agnes School is more than just another prep school.  We believe that childhood is sacred.  Our intensive, data-based curricula is balanced with opportunities for hands-on experimentation and play.  Every full-day St. Agnes School student–from Pre-Kindergarten to Sixth grade–receives an hour lunch/recess break in the middle of the day to refresh both mind and body.  Special classes, such as Art, Music, and Physical Education, encourage students to strengthen their talents while religious education helps students of all faiths to grow in Catholic values of love, kindness, and social justice.  Every day, we strive to make St. Agnes School a place where your child is loved and appreciated–a place where they can be their truest selves.

Thank you for considering St. Agnes School.  Visit us, and see for yourself how academics and faith can come together to give your child the education of a lifetime.  Call our school office today, at (585) 226-8500, to schedule a tour.

Welcome to the family.  We look forward to meeting you!
Sincerely, Elizabeth K. Jensen