Academics – Grades K-6
Preparation for a lifetime

St. Agnes School is committed to academic excellence in curriculum and instruction.  Our goal is to provide quality, research-based programs that prepare and inspire each child to become a lifelong learner.  Curriculum is designed to promote critical thinking and problem solving in ways that encourage intellectual growth and affirm the dignity of each person.

St. Agnes School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.  This accreditation validates our school’s quality and assures parents that we accept responsibility for the level of performance of our students.  Furthermore, parents can trust that we are committed to continuous improvement in student learning.  Current school initiatives include aligning the English Language Arts and Mathematics Curriculum to the New York State Common Core Standards and providing faith-based experiences that engage students to live their Christian faith by serving others.

The curriculum designed for students in preschool through Grade 6 provides strong foundational skills necessary for academic achievement.  As commented by the Middle States review team, “St. Agnes School provides students with a positive learning environment where faculty and staff strive to achieve a balance among the intellectual, social, spiritual and physical attributes of each child.  The spirit of inquiry and discovery is stressed in the students allowing attainment of his/her full potential.”  There is a consistency of common language and instruction in learning strategies that follows throughout each core subject area at each grade level.  Core classes include language arts, history, math, religion, science and the “specials”—physical education, art, music, library and computer science.  Special classes extend students’ learning beyond the classroom and deepen their understanding and appreciation not only for the arts and their physical and social-emotional well-being, but also for their use of technology as an everyday tool across all learning domains.
The academic program is supported by Instructional Coaches and Academic Intervention teachers, including the Math Specialist and the Reading Specialist.