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School Advisory Committee

The St. Agnes School Advisory Committee is a group of parents who serve as consultants to the school administrator and the St. Agnes parish, building a sense of ownership within the parent community while enhancing and enriching school programs. Roles and responsibilities of SAC members typically include policy development, fund-raising and financial consultation, long range strategic planning, and maintaining open communication with the greater community.  Unlike Public School Boards, Catholic School advisory committees are not legal entities with decision-making rights, nor do we determine the school’s academic direction or evaluate its teachers.  Instead, we use our diverse skills, talents, and viewpoints to foster the school’s continuous improvement and to ensure that it will thrive long after our own children have graduated.

The St. Agnes School Advisory Committee focuses on the following responsibilities:

  • Act as advisors to school administrator, Ms. Elizabeth K. Jensen, and the St. Agnes Parish regarding the school.
  • Prepare and manage the school budget.
  • Serve as a central coordination/communication point for each of the parent committees.

If you would like to attend a School Advisory Committee Meeting please contact the school office at (585) 226-8500 to be added to the agenda.


Current School Advisory Committee Members

Ms. Elizabeth Jensen, Principal and School Administrator
Rev. Michael Fowler, Pastoral Administrator
Mr. Robert Hayes, Parish Liaison

Mr. Robert Conlon, Buildings and Grounds
Mr. Troy Damon, Buildings and Grounds
Mrs. Elizabeth Dowd, Development
Mrs. Elizabeth Davis, Fundraising
Dr. Maria Hopkins, Ph.D, Fundraising
Ms. Lisa Scoville, Marketing and Recruitment
Mrs. Angela Bellanca, PTO
Mrs. Victoria Damon, PTO
Mr. Mark Dennis, Technology