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Sandra DiPasquale — 4th and 5th Grade

Who I am and what I do:

Sandra DiPasquale, fourth grade teacher (Religion, ELA, Math, Social Studies) and fifth grade teacher (Religion)

Why I work here:

I’ve been teaching at St. Agnes since September 1976, teaching third, fourth, and fifth grade. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. St. Agnes School is a wonderful place to teach at, and it has become a ministry for me where I can talk about Jesus with the children and ask them, “What would Jesus do?” I love the family atmosphere and the focus on wholistic education. Everyone is concerned about the academic, social and religious aspects of our students.

My favorite thing to teach:

I enjoy teaching Math and Social Studies. I do the music for Liturgies, direct the Christmas Pageant, and help out during the Talent Show.

What I do when I’m not at school:

My other joy is singing. I am a member of St. Agnes Parish, and I direct the Folk Group at St. Agnes Church. I belong to a Singing Group called Take Note and perform during the year.

Other favorite things:

My favorite color is blue, and I enjoy watching football–go Bills!