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Hayley Kelley — Stay and Play Coordinator

Who I am and what I do:

Hayley Kelley (or, as some of the kids call me, Mrs. K!), Stay And Play Coordinator,  Lunch and Recess Monitor, and Kindergarten Volunteer

Why I work here:

I LOVE working at St. Agnes because of the children and families – I adore THEM!

My favorite thing to do at St. Agnes School:

I love the children, so I think my favorite thing to do is talking to them—getting to really KNOW them. And doing fun things with them…I’m a kid at heart 😉

What I do when I’m not at school:
I love making jewelry. (I sell it, but I probably give away almost as much as I sell!) And crafting—I love when my friends and I do “Craft Night.” I also go to antique/country places with these same friends <3.

Other favorite things:

I love to color with colored pencils in my books.  I really like watching crime shows and comedies…I’m currently loving This Is Us.

My favorite book is Catcher In The Rye, my favorite song is either “Amazing Grace” or “Oh Happy Day.” My favorite (and I DO mean FAVORITE) painting is “Starry Night” by Van Gogh (love him!).

As you can tell, I’m rather eclectic in my choices/thoughts, I say what I think, and probably love too much (CAN you?). After working as the Stay and Play Coordinator for two and a half years, took last year off because I thought it was time for change. I realized just how much I loved and missed the kids and families, so this year I came “HOME!”

One last thought:

It’s nice to be appreciated, so I want to say thank YOU to all the people who make this place so special for me!