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The Sr. Monica Library is located in what, many years ago, was her classroom of first and second graders.  The library collection was organized in November 1968.  Getting it ready involved many hours of work by many volunteers.  The purpose of the library is to help children learn to appreciate and enjoy books, to have the opportunity to read, to conduct research or to have stories read to them. Care of books, responsibility for them in the library and at home, and returning them promptly in good condition are part of being good library citizens.  Each class has a scheduled weekly library period.  When selecting books for purchase consideration is given to the children’s interests and requests, suggestions from teachers and to individual class reading lists and curricular topics.  The library is a place of learning and enjoyment; students working cooperatively with their teachers and library aides make it happen!

Cindy Zhe and Author Deborah Smith-Ford
Cindy Zhe and Author Deborah Smith-F


Additional Resources

Here is something I just found that is FABULOUS!  The American Library Association has compiled a “Great Websites for Kids” site that has hundreds of great places your child can go to learn new things….enjoy!