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Fine Arts & Cultural Enrichment

fineartsSt. Agnes School is a premier school, which offers exceptional educational opportunities and programs.  One such program phenomenon is the Fine Arts/Cultural Enrichment Program.  We are very proud of this program as this particular curriculum has provided each of us with an heirloom of memories and many unforgettable moments collectively.

Since premiering this landscape of art in 1997, we have had numerous top quality, enjoyable and edifying cultural opportunities.  As our cavalcade of artistic expressions is evolving, its features have surpassed any other school’s program—public or private in Western New York.  The high quality of these programs is tantamount to what one would pay to attend at the Eastman Concert Hall and Rochester’s Auditorium Theater.

St. Agnes School community and St. Agnes parishioners, as well as residents of surrounding communities have enjoyed these special performances.

We at St. Agnes School have a heart for art as expressed in its many forms!