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Art Program

I am thrilled to be a part of the St Agnes School family and share my love and passion for Art! My education began at Geneseo Central Morgan Hellquistwhere I fell in love with not only the act of making art, but the feeling of pride and accomplishment that comes along with creating something through hard work and dedication. After high school I received my Bachelor of Science in Studio Art from Nazareth College with a concentration in Painting and a Minor in Art History. From there I went to the Rochester Institute of Technology to study Art Education and received a Master of Science for Teachers.

Outside of my student teaching experience in the Rochester City School District and at Webster Thomas High, my individual teaching career began at Wayland Cohocton Central School. There I taught grades 6-12 and coached their JV Cheerleading squad.

I temporarily left teaching in 2009 to begin my family and have been truly blessed to spend the majority of the past 4 years home with my daughter Olivia and son Maxwell. I feel so fortunate to now be joining St Agnes where I can share my love of teaching and still be able to spend a great deal of time with my children.

One of my favorite quotes regarding art education is Pablo Picasso stating “Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once they grow up.” This idea of finding a way to igniting a passion for Art in children that will carry them into their adult years inspires me to really be creative as a teacher. I aim to find new and interesting ideas that may challenge the way students see Art by introducing multiple forms and methods to reach every kind of student. It is also my aim to make as many connections to subjects and lessons occurring in their grade level classrooms as I can. Creating a cross curricular experience that is fun, exciting, and enjoyable is my main focus when planning projects and working in the classroom with your children. I look forward to watching those little sparks of excitement take hold into a true love and passion for the Arts.