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What We Do

St. Agnes School — the way education should be.

We know. It’s a bold claim to make. Especially when our school is located in an area with wonderful public schools. But we’re confident that the St. Agnes School experience is a better education—and the best foundation—that you can provide for your children.

It’s more personal.

Our smaller class sizes and dedicated staff combine to give each student an individualized, supportive educational experience. Simply put, your children get the attention they need to thrive both personally and academically, now and into the future.

It’s more complete.

St. Agnes offers a comprehensive education, including technology skills and extracurricular activities that foster your child’s interests and intellect. Then we add the ingredients of practical faith and community, teaching our students both responsibility and integrity as we encourage them to become active, engaged citizens that grow into the leaders of tomorrow.

It’s more successful.

On average, our students outperform their peers, with higher standardized test scores and better grades in high school and beyond. When students graduate from St. Agnes, they are prepared to compete academically at the area’s top schools, paving the way for their continued success.