Victoria Savka

Ms. savka
Who I am and what I do:
Victoria Savka, Art & Title 1 AIS

Why I love to work at St. Agnes School?
Since I worked with Cathy Dickinson (former Kindergarten teacher) in the Kindergarten classroom in 2017 I knew that I would want to return to St. Agnes School. I am so glad to be back! The family of teachers, students and staff have always made me feel so welcome.

What subject I most enjoy teaching and why?
Teaching has given me an opportunity to learn about my students and watch them grow as young artists and independent thinkers.

What I do when I am not at school?
Outside of school I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy biking, badminton and rock climbing when there is beautiful weather and on a rainier kind of day I enjoy baking, playing scrabble and painting.

Other things I love:
Much of my time outside of school is spent creating art. I believe that in order to teach, we must be constantly learning about our field. I currently have work shown throughout Rochester and the Finger Lakes region.

Education Bio:
I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Illustration and Fine Art Studio from Rochester Institute of Technology. I spent a year making my final decision on returning to get my Masters in Science for teaching.