Renee Kashorek

Who I am and what I do:
Renee Kashorek, Second Grade Teacher

Why I work here:
I love working at St. Agnes School because the children and staff are an extension of my family. I can’t imagine a more fulfilling vocation than to join with co-workers and families to guide children in becoming the beautiful people God created them to be.

My favorite thing to teach:
I enjoy teaching all of the subjects because second graders are so excited and eager to learn new things!  It is great to see their skills and confidence develop each day. Teaching religion is a special experience for me because through faith we see how talented and unique each person is, and how important our lives are in bringing God’s love and peace to our family, community, and world.

What I do when I’m not at school:
Family time is the best part of every day for me.   I try to enjoy the everyday moments with my family, like cooking dinner, helping with homework, and night-time tuck-in.  We also like to play games, bike, swim, watch movies, and travel together. When I am alone I like to read, scrapbook, and go for walks.

Other favorite things:
Flowers, the color red, dark chocolate, hot tea, cookies, and country music.