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Our Students Say It Best!

Our students love coming to school; here’s just a few examples of what St. Agnes School means to them….


On Learning

“I think St. Agnes is great because we get to learn as a group through classroom projects.”

“I love learning math at St. Agnes. I like St. Agnes because we wear uniforms so I know what to wear every morning.”

“One thing I like about St. Agnes is that they prepared me for the McQuaid.”


On Kindness and Faith

“I love St. Agnes School because everyone is respectful to each other and the older kids watch out and care for the younger kids.”

“I love coming to school every day to see my friends and teachers. They are my second family.”

“School is a warm, welcoming, loving place. Everyone is accepted.”

“The whole school participates in activities that help people in need.”

“I love St. Agnes because we can talk about God.”

On Community

“I love St. Agnes because all of the parents who volunteer make our school great.”

“I like that my mom, dad, and little brother can stop by my classroom or have lunch with me any time.”

“St. Agnes School Christmas Pageant was so special because it was so fun to be on stage and I learned how to sing new songs.”

“I love St. Agnes because we celebrate Christmas.”

“I love the parents helping with hot lunch and pizza on Wednesdays and Fridays.”

“I love St. Agnes because of all of the friends I have made. Everyone welcomed me.  St. Agnes is like a home away from home.”


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