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St. Agnes School’s Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest Winners

At St. Agnes School, children begin to practice cursive handwriting at the end of the Second Grade and further mastery is taught in the Third Grade. Beginning at the Fourth Grade, students are expected to complete all written work in cursive. Each year, students participate in the Zaner-Bloser Annual National Handwriting Contest. This contest gives the students a chance to reflect upon their penmanship, and its importance to their educational experiences.

The contest, open to all students in Grades K-8 in the United States attracts over 3000,000 participants. Students in Grades K-2 submit manuscript (print) entries; students in Grades 3-8 submit cursive handwriting entries. The contest entries, both manuscript and cursive are judged according to the Zaner-Bloser Keys to Legibility: Shape, Size, Spacing, and Slant. Winners of the contest are selected from both public and private school categories.

This year, handwriting entry forms from five St. Agnes School students were submitted for consideration for the next level of the 2016 Zaner-Bloser 25th Annual National Handwriting Contest.

2016 Zaner-Bloser 25th Annual National Handwriting Contest

State Grade-Level Winners compete against each other to become one of the 18 National Grade-Level Semifinalists. The 18 National Grade Level Semifinalists compete to be chosen as one of nine Grand National Grade Level Champions. In addition to these awards, Zaner-Bloser created the Nicholas Maxim Award to honor special needs students who excel in manuscript and cursive. This category is open to students with a cognitive, intellectual, physical, or developmental disability. Zaner-Bloser awards cash prizes and educational materials to winner students, teachers and schools that participate in the annual contest.


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