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Classroom Update | Genesee Valley Farm Discovery Center

151020_farmOn October 8, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade classes at St. Agnes School attended Genesee Valley Farm Discovery Center in Caledonia, NY. The children journeyed through 5 interactive experiences to learn how agriculture impacts their daily lives.

  • SHEEP: The children learned about the different types of sheep. They learned how wool was cleaned and carded and made into yarn.
  • BEES: the children learned about honey bees. They learned how honey is made and the dynamics of the bees inside the hive, including details about the queen bee. They also got to taste some delicious, fresh honey
  • CORN: the children learned all about the structure of corn stalks, the different kinds of corn and even about some moths that are a threat to corn
  • DRONE: this was a favorite of many of the children. They got to see a working drone and how useful it is for farmers. The farmers can have a Birdseye view of their lands and crops to detect any issues. It saves time and money for the farmers to employ the use of a drone to tend to the crops. They can even locate a lost animal if necessary!
  • COWS: the children learned all about milk cows, or Holsteins. They saw a mother cow and her baby calf. They learned all about the life cycle of the cow and how much milk they produce.
  • As an added bonus, there was a poet on hand to teach the children how to write haikus! The children wrote their very own haiku about their experiences that day!

It was a wonderful and fun learning experience.



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