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New St Agnes School Logo

140 Years

St. Agnes School announces a new logo for its 140th Year

To celebrate 140 years of education with heart and soul, St. Agnes School has unveiled a new logo and visual identity for the school. Built upon the shield, a symbol of excellent character, this new identity symbolically represents all that students, parents, and the Avon community know and love about St. Agnes School.

  • Heart: A representation of the love given by every member of the staff at St. Agnes School, also symbolizing the many ways that children are educated: heart, mind, and soul.
  • Torch: A recognized symbol of excellence, the flame serves as a beacon illuminating the steps of future generations of students at St. Agnes School.
  • Tree: A vision of life and growth, the tree depicts the strong roots of this historic institution as well as the holistic development that defines a St. Agnes School education.
  • Cross: A symbol of the deep commitment to Christian values and teachings shared by St. Agnes School and the Diocese of Rochester.
  • Open Book: A common picture of learning and education, an open book symbolizes the free sharing of information that occurs at St. Agnes School.

This is only the first of many announcements for this landmark year for the private Catholic school in Avon, NY. Opportunities to celebrate this 140th year are planned throughout the new academic season.

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